Episode 47: Planning out for 2016


This episode is all about planning out your best 2016.

Here is a summary of the episode:

  • Have you let go of 2015? Check episode 46 for a guide on letting go of 2015.
  • This is how I plan for my business for the year:
  • Grab a full year calendar and put in key dates: current commitments, holidays, family events
  • Work out how much time you want to be dedicating to your business on a weekly basis (this will dictate how much you can get done!)
  • Brainstorm what you want to be doing for 2016 (products, services, events etc.)
  • Get out your online marketing strategy template; how does everything fit in? How will you promote?
  • Be ruthless and decide the key things you will be doing for 2016
  • Schedule them into your calendar

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