Episode 74: Is Facebook Messenger Marketing for you?

This episode is all about using Facebook messenger as part of your Marketing strategy.

We’re talking all about Facebook Messenger Marketing and how this could help your business.  There’s been so much happening out there: we’ve got Facebook Messenger, we’ve got Instagram Direct Message, we’ve got Twitter Messages; we’ve got messages coming out of everywhere and I really am focusing on Facebook Messenger, but a lot of the reasoning behind growing your Facebook Messenger database can apply to each of the online social media platforms that you’re on. 

Now, remember, you don’t have to be on every single social media platform to make it worth your while.

I do really recommend focusing on two core ones, based on where your audience is hanging out.  Be sure that you have got the time and resources to really focus on at least one, possibly two, but if you do have a whole team of people supporting you with social media, then by all means knock yourself out.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is relatively new, so things will continue to change over the next months, years, but the purpose of this is to really create a deeper connection with our audience.  Now, that is something we all want to do, so social media has become harder and harder; it’s become noisier and noisier for marketing and Zuckerberg really has got his user in mind, not the marketing people or us doing business, so the user is the focus of the Facebook and all social media platforms, and so it should be, so it is becoming noisier.

One of the things I’ve really noticed and I’m sure you have as well, is that people will actually answer their Facebook messages a hell of a lot quicker than when they’re answering their emails.

In fact, emails have become so bombarded with sales-y stuff that people are really not spending a lot of time answering their emails as opposed to answering Facebook messages.  Keep in mind that Facebook Messenger’s messages are still really that kind of private element of people, so it’s like what the email inbox used to be like, so we don’t want to just be going in and spamming people, because that is going to really piss off anyone who may have wanted to work with you, so this is how it works.

You can connect with people on your page via the Messenger App, and you can also do ads that have the Messenger as a destination, so you can set up the ads using Facebook Ads, Ads Manager, Power Editor and the destination is Messenger, so that people can actually click through and send a message to you.  You can also do ads that sit in the side Facebook Messenger, so these are a few different ways, so those are the three core ways that we’re using Facebook Messenger for marketing.

  1. Connecting or contacting followers through Messenger
  2. Creating Facebook ads that encourage people to send a message to you
  3. Creating ads that sit inside Facebook Messenger

So, when we start creating ads, obviously we’re going to start getting some feedback; we’re going to get people actually responding and sending messages to us, and there’s a couple of things that you could do.  Now, the first thing is you could be on there manually and reply to these messages and if you’ve got a fairly small audience, you’re just starting out, then that’s probably fine, especially if you’re still trying to determine what your message is.  This is a really great way to connect with people, so that is something you can do, you can have an automated response set up through your Facebook page and it could just be, “Thanks so much for your question”, or “Thanks so much for getting in touch, I will reply asap”, and kind of give people a bit of a time-frame, depending on how often you’re using Messenger.

The other option is what we call a ChatBot.  Now that could sound really technical, but it’s not as technical as you think.  There is a tool called ManyChat, and it’s a tool that can help you connect with your audience by sending out these bots based on what people are messaging you. 

You can create automated responses, you can create some automated interactions: for example, and I’m going to cover this in my Facebook Live, so be sure to go and check that out, I’m going to show you a hands-on tutorial on how to use ManyChat, but one of the automated interactions could be, if I’ve created an ad, for example, and encouraged people to send me a message, I could be…what are your questions about social media marketing? 

Automated Interactions

“Hey, thanks for your message.  How far along in your business are you?” 

Then you can create two buttons:  “I’m just starting” and “I’m looking for advanced info”  

Then, if they click on I’m just starting, then another automated response I set up would say, “Fantastic, go and check out this blogpost”, or “I’ve created this amazing tutorial, I think you might like it.  Go and check this out.”  Or, “What questions do you have specifically?” and then I might end the automated response right there and actually get onto Messenger and respond to them and start that conversation, because this whole thing is about starting that conversation with them.

Facebook Messenger Sequences

The third thing you can do is to send sequences, so it’s kind of similar to sending emails; these need to be super-short and really value-added and it could, if you’ve got a three part video training, for example, and you’ve always sent an email out, you still send your email out but you could send now send a message through Facebook Messenger to kind of prompt them about the video series, so you could have a particular sequence set up to remind them and send them the link of that video series.

Facebook Messenger Broadcasts

The fourth and final thing that you can do is you can actually send broadcasts out, which is very similar to when we’re sending out emails.  Now, in terms of you can send out a broadcast to all of the people that have ever messaged your Facebook page.  Now, you can’t go message people who have never messaged you before, so you can’t go invade people’s inboxes this way, but you can send the broadcast out to anyone who’s ever messaged your Facebook business page, which is really cool. 

Again, we want to keep it conversational; we don’t want to make it sales-y, so that’s really, really important.  Because of the broadcast feature and the fact that most people are really checking their messages rather than their email, this is why building your Messenger list of subscribers is going to be just as important as building your email list.  So this is really, really important and we want to keep it conversational and again, it needs to be fairly short. 

Using Facebook Messenger is not about sending lengthy paragraphs of information like you could in an email: it’s about short, simple and to the point. 

OK, using the ChatBots is great, but if your audience are not early adapters at this stage, then that’s really not going to work for you.  In fact, I tried it on a client’s thing and they’re not early adapters and it did not go well.  However, I’ve tried it on my page, people like you, they’re really keen to come and learn what’s happening, what’s new out there; it was taken on board quite well, so just keep that in mind.

Now, what I’m going to leave you with today is an actionable task, so I want you to set up on automated response for when you’re not able to reply quickly to messages.  If you haven’t done this already, go and check out your Facebook page and you can set up an automated response, something like, “Thanks for getting in touch, I will respond asap.”  Something really simple. 

I would love to hear your questions!

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Actionable: Set up an automated response for when you aren’t able to reply quickly to Messenger.

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