Episode 77: How to use Facebook Live for Business

This episode is all about how to use Facebook Live for Business

Using Facebook Live Video to grow your business is one of the best ways to really incorporate on social media right now.  Video is core in keeping people engaged because people’s attention spans are minute, but Facebook Live allows them to actually interact with you in real time and when people are following you on social media.

Create Deeper Connection with your Audience

They really create this kind of persona of who you are and when they see you on Facebook Live and you’re like, “Hey Nicky, how are you?” they get really excited and they feel heard, they feel listened to and people are looking for connection now. Facebook Live allows people to ask questions, it allows them to engage with you and connect with you, more so than any other kind of content that we can put out there.

Higher Organic Reach

The second reason why Facebook Live is brilliant for your business in growing your business is that video has a much higher organic reach than anything else right now, and especially Facebook Live.  Facebook loves its Facebook Live feature and will continue to create, allow a higher organic reach for your Facebook Live.  It also notifies people who are following you that you are going live, which is just brilliant.  It also means that people do not have to go to a new platform to see you. 

People Are Already On This Platform

If you want to run a webinar doing a Facebook Live is such a great way, especially people who are maybe not on your email list yet or things like that, having them not have to go to a whole new platform does increate the likelihood of people turning up and seeing you, especially because they get that notification that you’re going live.

Now, something else that I’ve recently learned about Facebook and the whole algorithm chaos is that longer videos on Facebook actually get higher reach, because they feel as though the content is creating more quality, so a longer video tends to have a higher reach, so that’s really important.  Another reason how Facebook Live can get higher reach is because generally people starting liking, commenting and things like that which is not as common on other content strategies, so if you’re just using images and just a loaded video, you’re not encouraging people to engage, there’s less engagement and therefore a less organic reach.

Tools that I use

One of the tools I’ve used for a couple of months is called BeLive,tv.  Now, that allows me to invite guests interview on and we do our Facebook Live: you can schedule it, it posts the schedule and reminder on your Facebook page; you can also post it in Facebook groups as well, so this is a great tool to use, although I find the quality is not as good.  However, my internet is not fantastic here in little Australia, the internet is absolutely abysmal!  However, I do know that, the quality isn’t as good as what I get on my phone, so that is something to think about but it is great if you’re doing Q&A; you can actually bring the question up in text in front, on the screen, which is brilliant.  That’s really simple to use as well.

Another tool that I’ve played around with is called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).  OBS allows you to again, schedule onto Facebook, it links with Facebook and you can put video in there, you can put your logo up in the top corner; you can also put text overlay, video overlays and you can also screenshare.

If you’re doing some kind of webinar or tutorial, then you can actually put that, share your screen onto the Facebook Live and that’s the same as the next tool I’m about to share with you, Ecamm Live.  That does all of those things that OBS does but it also allows you to bring up the comments, the Facebook Live comments on the screen so you can actually see them, whereas with OBS you have to kind of have something else open so you can see the comments and reply, whereas Ecam Live, the comments are live and on your screen so you can see them and reply to them as people are going. 

So there are three tools that I love and I would love you to check out any of them.  The first two are free:, OBS.  Ecamm Live is only a one-off $30 payment, so go and check that out; these are amazing tools to really help you. 

One of the ways I use Facebook Live for my business is that I have my weekly podcast, that comes out on Mondays. On Wednesdays I do a Facebook Live all about the same topic that I’ve just shared in my podcast, so my content strategy is the same topic throughout that whole week, so the podcast is on-topic, the Facebook Live is on-topic.

The Facebook Live I do the tutorials, people can ask questions, I share my screen; I actually show in depth some of the tools that I am talking about in the podcast and then also, all the social media posts that I’m putting up and all the conversations that I’m having in my Facebook group and my free one is all about the same topic for that whole week, so it kind of makes my life easier, but it allows me to go in-depth into particular topics, which is what I’m really loving and I really find that people are looking for that: they want to know more about a particular topic than just surface level stuff. 

Your actionable task for this week is to schedule your Facebook Live for tomorrow.  I want you to go live tomorrow: I don’t care what time, I don’t care what day it is, I just want you to do it because a lot of people really struggle with that, oh my God, I don’t know what to say…just go on, chat about what you’re doing; maybe you show people your office area or sit outside if you don’t have an office area, if you’re in the kitchen, and just share a little bit about who you are and what you’re about and invite questions. 

You may have no one watching you live, so maybe think of a few questions that you can answer if you don’t have anyone watching you live, and come and share your page and come and share your live video inside our Facebook group so we can come and give you some love, give you some feedback, because that’s what we’re all here to do; we’re all here to help boost you up and support you in your business.


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Ecamm Live

Every Wednesday I run a full tutorial on my Facebook page through a live video. This is based on the content shared here in the podcast. Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for past Facebook Live tutorials where I go deeper and share useful demonstrations on how to implement this into your business.
Actionable: Schedule your Facebook LIVE for tomorrow. Schedule it right now.

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