Episode 78: Why You Shouldn’t Give Up When No One Is Engaging With Content

This episode is all about why you should NEVER give up even when you aren’t getting a whole lot of engagement just yet.

This was a question from one of my beautiful members in my Facebook group, because she was really struggling with, why should I keep posting stuff if no one even sees it?  If no one’s engaging; I don’t get any Likes, I don’t get any Comments, I don’t get any Shares: what’s the point of this? 

Well, I’m going to give you some information here, because it took me a lot of time to build my business. It took a couple of years to really start getting that audience, getting that engagement and I still have a fairly small audience.  However, I have a thriving business, so it doesn’t matter the size of your audience. 

You may have thousands and thousands of followers, but if you don’t know how to run a business and give value, then what is the point of creating that audience?  What is the point of supporting these people if you’re then having to go and get another job and you cannot do this as your business?  So, again, it’s not the size of the followers, it’s the amount of engagement you’re going to get, even if it’s just a couple of people that are engaging with you, it’s still important never to give up. 

If you give up, obviously that’s it, there’s no point continuing, you’re not going to achieve any results because you have given up.  But it can take time and I really want to share this with you because for me, this was a real eye-opener.

I’d been posting lots of stuff on social media for ages and again, wasn’t getting a whole lot of engagement.  Then, I shifted and changed my strategy. 

I asked for engagements: I asked for it, I shared in groups, I answered people’s questions in groups and they came looking for me because I was always the one giving value and supporting people in Facebook groups; never asking for the sale, simply offering value, so that’s important. 

Head into groups where your audience hangs out and be of value in those groups.  Support those groups and make sure people can find your business page by having that in the About section on your personal profile, so people can come and find you.

Create content that is actually engaging.  Ask questions, get people to take action.  At the end of every single one of my podcast episodes, I have an actionable task that I want people to do.  I also have a weekly challenge in our Facebook group that I want people to take action on, so this is important, actually asking for the engagements.

Now, Facebook Live is a great way to start getting engagement.  It may take a few Facebook Lives, it may take time to share that; you can also boost that and start to get people to see that, hey, she’s going live and maybe she’s doing it every week at the same time and she’s offering great value: I want to follow her.  If you want to learn a bit more about Facebook Live, check out this Episode 77 where I shared with you exactly how to use Facebook Live for Business and creating engagement is one of those ways.

Now, it’s important not to give up. 

You really have to continue because I hardly had anyone commenting or sharing but I still had people asking me for my services, purchasing my programmes, purchasing packages from me because they kept seeing how consistent I was.  They never Liked or Commented or Shared anything that I did but they were just sitting in the background, looking at it. 

Obviously nowadays, Facebook doesn’t reward us if we’re not getting much engagement from our posts so you really do need to ask for the engagement; you also need to make sure that the content you’re putting out is visually pleasing and attracting enough that people will see it, so I do recommend boosting or creating some ads to kind of kick off that engagement, if you’re not getting any at all, and also that free solution of heading into Groups where your audience is hanging out and being of value.  That is definitely going to be the most important thing.

So, don’t give up and today’s actionable task is, commit to a content creation schedule.

Every Wednesday I run a full tutorial on my Facebook page through a live video. This is based on the content shared here in the podcast. Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for past Facebook Live tutorials where I go deeper and share useful demonstrations on how to implement this into your business.
Actionable: Commit to a content creation schedule. Share it in our Facebook group.

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