{Part 2 of 6} Are you chasing shiny objects?

In part 1 I was talking all about how I got started with growing my first blog. Ok it wasn’t technically my first blog. BUT it was the first one that actually took off and I was able to turn into a business.

I did share my failed attempts with you too. Those weren’t so fun. BUT I did learn some valuable lessons.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m going to share with you today. Today I want to share what else I really focused on when I was setting up my sales funnel for my first online course.

So from part 1 I went through how I put in a lot of effort to optimise my website to convert the traffic I was getting to leads (aka email addresses).

This was a fairly simple thing that you could start doing right now.

Don’t let your website be one expensive brochure. It needs to be a lead generating machine.

Here are the basic steps you can take:

1. Ensure that you have an option for people to give you their email address (optin form) is the top fold of your website (meaning that they shouldn’t have to scroll down at all to be able to input their email address).

In exchange for their email address you could offer a checklist, PDF or free video trainings. I will go into more details about free things you can give in another email (we call them OPTINS or LEAD MAGNETS in the online biz).

2. Ensure that there is an optin form on the right hand side of your site where you have your blog posts.

3. Ensure that there is an optin form at the bottom of key pages and blog posts.

4. You can also include ‘in text’ optin forms or links where necessary.

See how they will be all over your site?

We want to make sure that what ever you are giving away in these optins are HIGHLY RELEVANT and VALUABLE to your audience.

As I mentioned I will go into detail later.

Some of the other elements of my course launch that I focused on were:

1. Listening to what my audience actually wanted.

Whenever I got a question sent through or left in comments on social media, I pasted these into a separate word document.

These formed the basis for my online course content PLUS the marketing material I put together to actually promote the course.

2. I created a sales page.

THIS. WAS. HARD. I had no idea where to start. So do you know what I did? I looked at sales pages that I LOVED. I got inspired by the copy they wrote and the layout of them.

I give all of my clients a copy of my Sales Page Blueprint to make life easier. BUT you can simply find some great examples online.

You can find one of my super basic sales pages HERE or one that is a little more elaborate HERE

3. I created a landing page (and thank you page)

A landing page is where people can leave their email address. It’s also sort of a sales page. It’s selling them into leaving their email address with the promise that they will receive something valuable.

This was a specific one for my course launch.

As part of this course launch I had put together a 3 part training video series. It was free but they had to register.

This landing page was crucial to getting the awareness out there. They would receive each of my videos and in there is where they would learn about my online course.

You can find one of my landing pages HERE

The thank you page is where you want your audience to head to NEXT. This page is basic and reminds people to check their inbox for whatever you have just sent them.

This is IMPORTANT. We will also need this page for something super super important. I’ll let you know later in the week.

4. I created an email sequence.

Email sequences are ESSENTIAL. Email sequences help move people through your sales funnel to where you want them to go next.

Once they signed up to my free training they would start to receive emails (like what you are receiving now).

For this launch they would receive emails each day with a link to the next video in the training.

They would then start to receive some sales emails all about the course.

THEN they would receive some final emails as the launch was finishing up.

This was a pretty basic sequence. It was also very effective.

I’m not one for sending an email every single hour. I don’t like receiving that so I’m not going to start sending that.

Once the launch was complete (I did have a final 2 part follow up email sequence in place) then they would simply receive my weekly emails that I sent out.

5. I created Facebook Ads.

This was fun. Back in 2013 (when I did this particular launch) Facebook ads were new and dirt cheap. I think I spent just over $100 and had a return of over $3k.

NOW Facebook Ads are more expensive. It’s not the end of the world and I certainly still recommend that you use them.

NOW you need to be much MORE strategic with your Facebook Ads. I will go more into that in another part of this series.

For now I want you to think about what budget you have to spend on Facebook Ads. To give you some VERY rough stats:

Budget $5 for every lead to your free optin to your email list

Expect around a 2-3% conversion rate for your list/new leads

These are exceptionally rough estimates. Each industry is different. The only reason I put these here is because I get so many emails from people asking me to give them a rough idea of how much to spend on ads.

If you want to add around 100 people to your list then a budget of $500 is reasonable.

Does that make sense?

Good. Lets keep moving.

Those were the 5 key components of my Sales Funnel. They were the working parts to the funnel. The tools I actually used… I will share them with you in another email. Lets not get sided tracked.

Now in the subject line of this email I talk about shiny objects. The reason why I want to cover this is because I see so many people chasing shiny objects rather than FOCUS on a simple strategy.

If you were to create the core components I share with you in this email. You will be well on your way to building a simple sales funnel.

Once you have a simple sales funnel you can start to tweak it and make it better.

As they say; it’s easier to steer a moving car rather than a parked car. (Ok I’m sure that saying is better worded than that but you get the point!).

So I want you to build something pretty basic. Once you start seeing what is and isn’t working then you can make changes.

People get caught up in trying to make this elaborate PERFECT sales funnel that they end up putting NOTHING together.

They get so overwhelmed.

Now if you want someone to break down the whole project of your sales funnel and BUILD IT for you. Give me a call. That’s my jam. That’s my passion. That’s what I do. Did you know that? Well now you do. I build funnels for people who want a funnel but don’t want to have to learn the whole strategy or tools that are needed to make it work.

If this is YOU then fill out this form HERE and you will be guided to book in a call with me. Simple.

Now if you aren’t ready for that. It’s all good. I get it. I want to help you get some points on the board so that you are in the position to hire me and make it even better.

Ok ok ok. I feel like I’ve given you enough to sink in for today.

I’ll come back in part 3. Promise. And give you some specifics on the tools I use as well as how to craft the PERFECT optin and offerings for your audience.



PS. If you are feeling overwhelmed. I want you to take one element out of the 5 I listed above and start working on that.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Get something out there and then tweak it.

You’ve totally got this.

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