Episode 89: Are You Repelling Clients?

OK, so today we’re talking about Are You Repelling Clients and this is a really…big topic because if your message isn’t clear you can be repelling clients and if you’re not really clear on how you can serve your clients. Then that is going to be a real key to repelling them!

So this is a big thing for me because I was creating services that I thought that people really wanted and then it wasn’t until I started speaking to my mentor that I realised that in fact what I was offering them, a lot of people were getting really overwhelmed because I wanted to give them so much stuff. I wanted to give them everything that I knew and in fact, that was not what they were looking for; they wanted simplicity. They were coming to me to make their life easier, not harder and be more overwhelmed. 

So, I started refining this and I created a whole new offering where I actually built people sales funnels for them, which is what a lot of people were really asking for, but I just didn’t feel like, I didn’t realise that that was going to be an option; I thought it would be too expensive for people, but I realised that people were really willing to spend money where it was going to save them a lot of time and a lot of headache in a particular area that they just did not have time to learn.

And it came so easily to me that I thought, who is going to pay that?  And I realised that this is exactly what my clients were looking for; they weren’t wanting more strategies, they were wanting more actual results of things built for them, they wanted a more “done for you” type of package rather than a “how to do it yourself”.  So, this was a big thing for me, this was a big shift for me and this has only been happening in the last year that I’ve been doing everything for my clients and that is what they value the most.

What is it that your clients are really wanting for you? 

Have you stopped to listen? 

Have you asked them? 

Have you asked them in Facebook Groups or email lists or even current clients: ask them, what is it that would make their life even easier? 

Now, it could be anything and you may not even have thought of it before, so you don’t have to go and give them lots of options, but really just ask it as an open-ended question like, how else can I help you?  What would be your dream solution for this problem?  And really ask them and find a way to see if you can create an offering, a product or a service that can really, really address their needs.

When we talk about creating something to really support them, it can be however you like.  It could be an online course; it could be an audio course; it could be something done for you like a “done for you” package, like what I offer.  Or it could be something entirely different. 

What is it that your clients are looking for?

Now, make sure that once you have defined this, once you’ve spoken to some people and really feel like yes, I’ve really nailed this, this is exactly what they’re looking for, then you want to make sure that this is replicated in your sales funnel, so, make sure that each of the points, the touch-points, so the landing page, the opt-in, sales pages, the emails, everything that you’re putting out there is really addressing the particular needs. 

For my clients, it was complete overwhelm; they did not need more strategy, they’ve read all the books, they’ve watched all the videos, they’ve watched all the webinars, they’ve got all the downloads: they didn’t need any more of that. 

What they needed was someone to come in, create it specifically for them and build it for them.  That’s what they needed, that’s what they were looking for, and once I created that offering, it’s just been so much easier for them and for me.

Identify what that is and make sure that you can replicate that kind of message, that very clear message, throughout every touch-point in your sales funnel.

I want you to write down one core issue that your ideal client is having and come and share it with us in the Facebook Group. 

What is that real issue that they’re facing?  And you may not know what it is, you need to go and ask them.  If you are thinking, oh my goodness, I’m new, I have no idea, then when you’re doing your market research about what kind of things you’d like to offer, then ask those people.  If you were a client of mine, what would you like addressed?  How would you like me to do that for you?  So, that’s what you need to be doing.

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Actionable Task: Write down 1 core issue that your ideal client is having and share in the Facebook group

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