{Part 3 of 6} Behind the scenes of my first $3k launch

[waves] how are you going? Are you enjoying these little nuggets of how I got things moving with my sales funnels?

If you are just joining in then you can read parts 1 and 2 below.

What have you learnt so far?

Most importantly. What have you implemented so far?

Email me as I really want to know!

So far in this blog series I’ve shared with you how I started my first successful blog. What I implemented to do my first little $3k launch. PLUS I shared some of the key things I do for clients who want someone to fly in and build their sales funnel for them.

Ok. Are we on the same page now? You up to speed?

Lets dive in.

In part 2 I hinted that there are some basic tools that you can use to do all of the things that I implemented.

Well. Now I’m going to fill you in.

The main tool I use to create landing pages and sales pages is LeadPages.

LeadPages is super simple to use. It has a drag and drop builder so that you can put text here and an image there.

The beauty ofLeadPages is that it already has some great templates that they have tested and convert really well. OR you can just go in and build your own.

All you need to bring to the table with LeadPages is the copy and images you want on there.

You can also host the LeadPages on your own website so that people aren’t confused when they land there.

Be sure to check it out.

The next tool that is so important. Is a decent email marketing software. You want to get an email marketing system that your business can use for many years. Don’t just get the cheapest one out there. As you will end up having to move later. Trust me. That’s a pain in the butt.

When deciding on the best email marketing software there are a few key elements to look for. I will tell you what I use in a second.

You MUST have tagging ability.

What this means is that when someone comes into your sales funnel then they are tagged. This is based on where they came from (you can have different optin offers).

When they click on a link to your website. They get tagged based on taking this action. You can use this information to send them more relevant emails.

When people get emails that are highly relevant to them. They are more likely to take action. They are more likely to open emails from you as they know it’s tailored to them. And they are more like to BUY from you.

So you must have tagging.

It MUST have the ability to send automated emails.

This is pretty common even among the cheaper email platforms.

When you start sending out automated emails then it makes your life easier.

When someone signs up for your free optin. BAM. The emails start sending without you having to lift a finger.

You can set them all up.

Finally make sure it is an email system that is relatively KNOWN.

There are going to be a lot of times that you are integrating with other software. You want to make sure that your email software is KNOWN. Just trust my on this one. It will make life easier. End of story.

So. Want to know what I use?

Well I started with MailChimp back in the day. This is super clunky. It’s pretty basic (unless you pay for their premium $200+ package).

I couldn’t tag. End of story. I moved because I couldn’t segment my list/s very well. It wasn’t easy.

I then tried a few others before landing on ConvertKit.

ConvertKit does all of the things I mentioned above. PLUS I can actually see the automation process. I can see how many people are moving through my funnel. I love it!

If you are just starting out. Or if you are looking to move. Then come and check out ConvertKit.

So you want to know what else I used? I did have a website. It was a basic website. In all honesty I haven’t moved my online courses for that blog in 4 years! I haven’t upgraded anything there because it works so well.

I built a basic WordPress Website and used OptimizePress to run it. To be honest I wouldn’t use OP if I was starting again. BUT it works well and is easy to set up. It just doesn’t look as pretty as I would want right now though.

That’s it. I set all of this up and then ran some Facebook ads.

I’ll get into detail about running Facebook ads in another part of this series.

BUT I want you to know that is as simple as I did it.

As a quick little bonus I want to share the structure of my little launch. Now remember, I didn’t have a list. I had never run this course before.

I was going in BLIND but it was FUN!

In part 2 I spoke about crafting the perfect OPTIN with your OFFER. Well for this launch I chose to do a free training video series as my optin. It was all about some of the basics of starting your own family day care. The course I was selling went into a LOT more detail. It was a complete fit.

See how that works?

When deciding on the right optin you need to have the end in mind. What are you offering? Ensure that the optin is just the starting point with a natural progression to the offer. This will help you get the right people on your list.

Some optin ideas could be a checklist. A video training series. A simple how-to guide on one key element that your paid offer goes into more detail.

Ok. One more tip about Optins. You can have many different optins leading to the same offer. You could have a guide set up at the start of your funnel (as your optin). Then you could also have a webinar at another starting point. They are all feeding the same funnel.

Do you see what I mean?

Ok lets get into what I did for my little $3k launch.

Day 1: Launched my free training videos with Facebook ads. People were added to an email sequence. The first email welcomed them but as this was a live launch the first training video wasn’t sent out until later. This was my optin that was completely aligned with what my offer was (my online course).

Day 3: I also invited people to a webinar that would run on Day 11.

Day 7: First email went out releasing training video #1

Day 8: Second email went out releasing training video #2

Day 9: Third email went out releasing training video #3. CART OPENED This also included a discussion on the online course I was selling. I gave a run down of the course in here too on what they would achieve.

Day 10: Reminder that webinar was happening tomorrow. Had all links to buy the course.

Day 11: Webinar ran and had a bonus for those who purchased while on the webinar.

Day 12: I sent an email telling people that the cart was closing in 2 days.

Day 13: Cart closing tomorrow email. A behind the scenes of the course was also sent out.

Day 14: Cart closing today. Highlighted some of the key results.

That was it. It was a pretty basic launch email sequence and set up. Over the next year I refined it more and more. THEN I switched it to something that was far less stressful.

I’ll tell you what I did in a another part of this series.

It made my life easier.

BUT I needed to go through these little launches to get an idea of what people were reacting to. What was working. And what wasn’t working.

That’s why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you put something together.

In the next part of this series I will give you a run down of how the sales funnel looks so that you can get an idea of how the whole process runs.

Now if the thought of building landing pages, sales pages and setting up your email sequences is making you want to get a job at McDonalds (I hear they have a great Management program!). Then let me help you out.

I mentioned in another part but this is what I do.

I come in with my team. We land inside your laptop (is that creepy?) we magically build it all for you. Then you reap the rewards of generating leads consistently.

It can be a funnel to grow your list for now. It can be a funnel to a specific product/service you want to offer. OR it could be a big launch.

Whatever you need a funnel for (you really DO need funnels!). We can help you. I create all of the strategy for you (no cookie cutter crap). AND I have the most amazing team who do all the techy stuff.

I guess you could call us SUPER funnel builders. Ok you don’t have to call us that but you get the idea.

Now I don’t take on a huge amount of clients as you can see this is a lot of work. BUT if you want to chat and I can give you 3 key pointers to help you with your funnel. Then fill out this form. If we both think it’s the right fit then we can go and make magic happen.

You can apply HERE.

It’s a completely free chat. It will take around 45mins on average. You tell me what you are struggling with. You tell me what you’ve tried or what you want to achieve. I give you at least 3 tips to get you traction. If you LOVE those tips and want to me to swoop in and start building then I can let you know how that works.

If not, that’s fine too. You can continue to read my stuff, watch my videos and I will endeavour to help you through this content to put your funnel together.



PS. I want to share with you what I did with my Facebook ads. I’m going to give you some pointers on what I am doing with clients RIGHT NOW.

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