Episode 84: 3 Top Marketing Tips For Your Retail Business with Salena Knight

This weeks episode is a guest interview with Salena Knight. Salena Knight is the retail biz strategist helping independent retailers grow. From trying to work out how to run a retail business to establishing a multi award winning chain of retail stores she is your go to expert in getting more confidence to grow your retail business.

Her top tips are:

Master and embrace automation – keep it simple and don’t feel bad to sell to your audience
Always be prepared in your marketing – have a beginning and an end
Optimise your Google ‘My Business’ page
Have your reviews present

Listen to todays episode to learn more about these areas.

Where to find Salena:

Today’s actionable task is to check out your Google ‘My Business’ page.

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Actionable: check out your Google ‘My Business’ page.

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