Episode 87: Why You Should Forget About Boosted Posts

Today we are talking about using power editor rather than boosting posts. This is particularly Facebook which as you know if you’ve been listening to me – Facebook is my favourite platform!

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Power editor: rather than boosted posts

Today when we talk about using power editor rather than boosted posts some people may be thinking, “Oh my God I don’t want to be doing this” but trust me it’s definitely something you want to learn. I am going to be sharing a training on this so head to my website and check out how you can get into that.

The reason why I am doing this episode? last week I had a client test. We are doing a launch and I wanted to optimise a fabulous Facebook live after our client had delivered a great show. We added captions and edited the post and it was some really good stuff. We did all the things you need to do before you use it as an ad.

Once it’s an ad you cannot make any changes to it so make sure you make all your changes first.

But anyway, I get a bit sidetracked.

We’ve had this beautiful Facebook Live, created great engagement. I thought brilliant it’s going to be great for one of the Ads for her launch, so I boosted that for her, I wanted to see whether the boosted post would do better than the post I created in power editor.

I was running the exact same ad in Power editor.

So I’ve gone into power editor, which is the main platform or tool that Facebook have in order to set up your ads in Facebook and Instagram. So power editor is ( I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about how in a second )  the results for this client test was important. I looked back after four days, seeing that in the first day the boost post was doing remarkably well. Probably twice as well as the Facebook Ad in power editor. After a three day period, the power editor Ad had significantly four times the number of clicks throughs as the boosted posts.

So the boosted post had completely slowed down, that’s the goal with Facebook they want you to spend your money quickly, to take quick action, so they’re going to give you a real boost in engagement or action in the first day but then after that it’s kind of going to fizzle out. In power editor and the algorithm behind it, once you’ve been running an ad for a little bit of time, can sense the type of people that are clicking through and converting. It really refines the audience so that it actually ends at those particular people, the boosted ad doesn’t really do that.

We definitely found for the results; the boosted ad was great in the first day but then fizzled out and the power editor was really ramping up after that 3rd day.

I really want you to think about using power editor as your on going Facebook ads tool.

Make sure you have a strategy behind it.

I find a lot of people who are boosting post don’t necessarily have a strategy behind it, whereas if you’re at a level of using power editor you’re much more likely to have a proper strategy behind your Facebook ads.

Power editor, I do actually go into a bit more detail in power editor, over in episode number 12… I will link to that in the show notes.

There are three stages of using power Editor. I go through, in detail, in episode 12… go and check that out.

I really want you to think about using power editor.

Make sure you have a strategy for your Facebook ads.

When you’re running ads I want to make sure you have ads to get cold traffic or cold leads. These are people who’ve never heard from you. You want to make sure you’re getting new leads all the time so that’s your cold traffic.

Make sure that you’re also sending ads to your existing audience and then I want you to be sending ads to a retargeted audience. These people have already taken some action, perhaps to a sales page or they’ve opted into some kind of lead generation. They haven’t actually become a client so you can create these re-marketing audiences in power Editor as well as the ads manager of Facebook.

Set this up, make sure you’re using power editor to create the different campaigns as part of your sales funnel.

This is really really important!!

Every Wednesday I run a full tutorial on my Facebook page through a live video. This is based on the content shared here in the podcast. Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for past Facebook Live tutorials where I go deeper and share useful demonstrations on how to implement this into your business.

Actionable Task: Open power editor and run a basic ad for a goal you have right now. 

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