Episode 88: Are You Missing This Step in Your Funnel?

 Today, I’m talking about a key element of the sales funnel that a lot of people are missing.

They feel, they are going to set up a beautiful sales funnel so I am seeing, landing pages, Opt-ins, Emails Sequences, sales pages. All of that great great stuff happening, but there’s one key step that they are missing. You probably are as well! This is what I’m seeing quite a lot.

It is the traffic, we don’t see enough traffic happening.

Facebook Ads are brilliant. I did this in last week’s episode. It was all about Facebook Ads, and if you didn’t get to listen to that, make sure you check out episode 87. Facebook Ads are great, but they can get more expensive and it’s something that you want to have as an on going strategy.

We want to look at other ways we can tap into other peoples network. That’s what I’m going to talk about today.  I am going to give you 6 different ideas about traffic sources. You can start tapping into to expand your audience. And from here, when you are tapping into this traffic sources, I want to make sure you are always sending people to your opt-in page, whether that’s a free training, a free PDF, a free product. Whatever it is you are offering, as your lead generation that is directly related to the audience, and that we can be using. That’s where we want to be sending our traffic.

1… So, one of the best ways is podcast interviews, and podcast interviews. Going on other people’s podcasts is a great way to get in front of a new audience. I’ve been doing a few different podcast interviews lately I have a great episode coming out on Entrepreneur on fire. That is getting in front of potentially over million new people. You know how much it would cost to get in front of a million people using Facebook Ads.

Getting into a podcast, that has a huge audience, definitely takes some work but it’s definitely going to pay off. Make sure you have the funnel setup in order to take advantage of that traffic. We can get in touch with new audiences using this different types of traffic.

2… Facebook Live interviews. Either you interview people and they sharing it to their audience. Or you being interviewed on their Facebook page. So getting in front of their audience again, make sure you have some kind of Opt-in that’s what they are after. Sending people, that is really targeted to their particular audience. You always want to be getting in touch with those people and looking at how you can add value to their audience.

3… Magazines, this is something I’ve seen clients using. It’s a much more expensive option. But if you have the budget, it definitely could be something to look into. So I’m not going to talk too much on this, being a print form but it is definitely a way to get new traffic.

4… Guest blogging has been around for so long and again, if you get on the right blogs, you could be a guest blogger or being interviewed on their blogs is definitely a great way to get more traffic.

5… Conferences. There’s a few ways you can leverage traffic from conferences. The first way is presenting at conferences whether you get paid or whether it’s a free gig. The other thing is actually talking to people at conferences. Now this is something I don’t like doing myself, definitely leaping out of my comfort zone, trying to speak to people. I actually speak at conferences, it’s a great way to leverage traffic if they have some small group meet ups as well. Maybe they’ve got some brochures, that you could potentially sponsor. There’s so many different ways that you can leverage in traffic from the really well positioned conference.

6… Finally, Local meetups. Do you use local networking groups,  go and try to connect with people there. Or whether you start your own forum and connect with people that way, then you’re obviously targeting your ideal audience as well as colleagues.

So, there’s a few different ways you could be leveraging traffic to get people into your funnels. I hope you get a lot out of today.

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