Episode 91: How I created my client funnel

Today is all about how I created my client funnel.  Now, this is a really great episode for people who are perhaps Consultants, Coaches or Strategists, that kind of service-based business; Photographers, things like that.  And this funnel, I’m going to talk about the start of your funnel, so your sales funnel to get those types of clients, but also I want to really highlight the actual client funnel; when someone has said yes, I want to work with you, what are you going to do?  What is the system in place to streamline that?

Now I’m going into this topic because I was coming from a place where it was getting really, really messy.  I had checklists in Evernote and all that kind of thing.  I thought: you know what? I’d love to just be able to click a button and say, OK, they’re ready to go, here is the whole on-boarding sequence to really nurture them. I want to give them all the information that they need to move forward, know exactly what’s going to be happening and also it eliminates the fact that I may forget an element of this and so if it’s all automated, it makes my life so much easier and it makes their life easier because they’re getting all of the information that they need in a really simple manner.

The first funnel I’m going to talk about is more of a funnel to set up if you are doing a service-based business.  This can’t really be used for product-based business but I guess you could kind of tweak it perhaps if you wanted to, but really just focus on service-based businesses.

Funnel #1: Moving an audience member to a paying client

You would start with some kind of sales page, sales letter or some kind of post in an email or a social media post, something like that, telling them a bit about who you are and what you are about. Some ideas include a free checklist or guide where you then invite them for a free strategy session. I always offer people free strategies, so I literally get them on the phone, give them a full strategy and give them some support there and then. I like to talk to them more, maybe they want me to help them implement it, if that seems overwhelming. Have some kind of offer that you want to give them in return for their time there.

In order for them to apply for that you need to have a form ready for them to complete, so I have a form on my website that they can complete and at the bottom there’s a qualifying question to see whether they’re really ready to start working with me because I don’t want to waste their time, I don’t want to waste my time.  If they’re ready to start working with me, they can answer that question and that particular question at the end, there are three different options and there’s three different responses that they’re going to receive based on what they respond to that last question. 

And I set all of this up using a system called Dubsado and that’s what I’m using at the moment.  Sometimes things change, so when you’re listening to this, it may be the same thing, it may be something different. BUT at the moment, I’m loving that: it’s called Dubsado, and it’s a really cool system.  It’s a full CRM system and it’s mostly for service-based businesses to set up workflows. As soon as they respond, if they’re ready to start or to chat with me, then they’ll get a link to book in a time with me.  If they’re not quite ready yet, then I send them an email with some of my free resources and asking them to check in when they might be ready and there’s another option I can’t remember off the top of my head right now; whatever is the answer will be dependent on what actual email they get sent out.  And then they can book a time.

Now, once I’m chatting to them and they’re like ‘yes, Nicky, I want to work with you, I’m ready to get my sales funnel built’, then I have a system ready and this is why I really want to be talking with you today because this is a system a lot of people forget. They have this massive fancy sales funnel but they forget about what happens when people are actually ready to buy with you?  What happens then?  And it’s all ad hoc from there. I don’t want it to be like that for you because it can waste a lot of time; you could miss things, people can get pissed that they haven’t received stuff, so I have this system set up.

Funnel #2: Once they ARE a paying client

As soon as someone says yes, I want to work with you, I go into my little system and I click a button as they’re already in there because they completed the form from the original funnel. So all I have to do is click on their link and send them a workflow, start them in this workflow and the first email that goes out is, dependent on what we’re doing together, but most likely it’s going to be a contract. So it’ll be a welcome letter saying exactly what we’ve spoken about.  It’ll also include exactly what is available in this particular package they’ve selected and at the bottom there’ll be a link to the contract that they can click on, read and sign all electronically.

Once they’ve clicked on that and once they’ve signed that, they’re going to get a copy sent straight to them in their inbox and then the next email is to come out and that next email is the payment email, so as soon as they have signed the contract, the invoice comes to them.  Once they’ve paid the invoice, then another email goes out and that’s the full welcome email; exactly what’s going to happen next, how we’re going to get started.  It also has a link to go and book their initial strategy session with me so we can actually map out in detail their strategy. So they get the contract and the welcome email, the invoice and a thank you and then once they’ve paid, it’s another thank you and more detail about what’s next and book the next call.

Then one more email they get once they’ve booked the call and that email is really asking them to complete a questionnaire and just to give me some more information so we’re not wasting any time. This includes log-in details that I might need in order to implement their sales funnel, all of that kind of stuff they complete that all in a form so I’ve got that and all of these are located actually in a client portal. They can go and access that, they can get copies of the contract if they need to go and check it, they can see any invoices that they’ve paid and they can also go and update their log-in details if they change them for different social media platforms or whatever we’re working on and then I need access, so that can always be updated.

Once they have gone through my on-boarding sequence the rest of the interaction I have with them is personalised including a customised weekly email to all my clients.

So I want you to think about what system do you have, once people are actually clients, what is your system there? How can you make it simpler? 

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