Episode 98: Are Your Social Media Accounts Optimised to Generate Leads?

Today I am talking about social media accounts and are you really optimising them to generate leads and convert them to sales? So this is a really, really important episode.

This episode is a really good one and it really comes from what I’ve been seeing. I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people in my Facebook group and with clients, I’m seeing this happening as well and I just want to reiterate that your social media accounts are not just for building likes: they’re actually for generating leads and converting those into sales; that’s what your social media platform is about. It’s not just to be liked by everyone, it’s to actually build your business, so I’ve got five questions today that I’m going to go through, and I want you to be answering them to yourself or writing them down, to see what changes you may need to be making with your social media activity in order to start generating leads and converting them into sales.

The very first question I want to ask you is,

Are you focusing your energies on the actual platforms that your ideal customer is hanging out?

Not just your random audience that you potentially have built but you’re not getting any sales from. Is your ideal customer, the person that you really want to be serving, are they hanging out on the platforms that you are putting your energy into?

I see this a lot. People are hanging out on Instagram a lot, which is great and I really do feel that you can definitely make Instagram work. But is your ideal audience hanging out there or just a lot of people who like your images? I really want you to think about. Write down what platforms you’re actually hanging out and are your customers actually coming from those platforms? Or are they hanging out somewhere else? I want you to think about that.

I’m not saying you have to completely shift to all new platforms and all that kind of stuff, because I want it to be in alignment with what you enjoy doing as well. If you love being on Instagram but your audience is hanging out somewhere else, like your actual ideal customer, they’re hanging out somewhere else and I really want you to think about that, and think about maybe that could be why you’re not generating the leads that you want through your social media activity. You could be putting in hours and hours a week but nothing’s happening

The second question is,

Are you actually committed to those platforms?

Are you consistent and are you learning about what works with those platforms? Are you just posting a random thing every now and then? And to be honest, I’m putting my hand up. Instagram is exhausting for me. I don’t love Instagram: I do it occasionally, but to be honest, that’s not part of my marketing strategy. I just like to be on Instagram because it’s a little bit of fun. It is fun for me and I get to post some cool stuff on there; it’s different to Facebook. But I want you to think about what…are you actually being consistent in the content that you’re putting out there?

Question number three:

Do you make it easy for people to sign up or buy from you?

The number of pages I’ve been to and all they’ve got is a website link, right? I go to that website link and it’s not even updated; it’s not even…there’s hardly anything on it or, you know, the copyright is from years ago and I assume that they kind of don’t exist any more, maybe they’re just playing around on Facebook and not actually building a business. Are your links really obvious on your pages? Do you actually ask? Do you actually ask them to sign up? You’ve got a really clear button on Facebook; you’ve got a link on your bio on Instagram; you’ve got links in LinkedIn. All of those things, are those key ones sending them somewhere useful? You don’t have to just send them to your home page; you could send them to a landing page of something that’s really useful that they’re going to get out of it.

Question number four:

Do you have call to actions in most of the content you’re actually putting out on social media?

It doesn’t have to be everything, to be honest, I want to make sure that you are being, I guess strategic, about where you’re putting those call to actions, but are you asking them to comment? Are you asking them to share? Are you asking them to sign up? It doesn’t have to be every single time but just sometimes, even if it’s just asking them to comment or share, that should be quite a regular thing. Asking them to sign up for something doesn’t have to be a regular thing. I think twenty per cent of the time, you should ask them to sign up. Or even buy, if you’ve got a really warm audience there.

Question number five:

Do you actively engage with your audience?

When you get comments on a post, do you actually respond to those? When someone share your stuff, do you go over and thank them for that? If people are sending you messages through Facebook, are you actually responding to those messages in a timely manner? Because this is your kind of front of your shop, essentially, is your social media platform, so are you putting out the message that I am here, I want to be of service, this is my business, this is what I do; I’m here to help you. Are you putting that out there, or does the message really come across that you’re standing on a box saying, “hey; buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff”. Is that what’s coming across, because that’s going to be what turns people away.

I’m just going to do a quick summary: make sure that you are actually on the platform that your ideal customer is hanging out. Make sure that you’re committed to those platforms and learning what works. Do make sure it’s easy for people to sign up or buy from you. Make sure you do have call to actions and be actively engaging with your audience.

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Actionable Task: What changes do you really need to make with your social media accounts to start increasing your leads?

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