Sales Funnel Success System For Busy Entrepreneurs

A Done-For-You Package To Take The Stress Out Of Sales Funnels

A customised program to create a strategy AND implement the funnels needed in your business to attract and convert your ideal clients every day.

If you know you need to take things more seriously with your online marketing efforts BUT dont want to try and learn it all yourself then THIS is the right place for you.

Together we will analyse your business to determine what funnels are needed in your business. From there I will set them up, run them and refine them so you have effective funnels generating ideal leads ongoing.

Do you want to

  • take your online marketing seriously?
  • receive quality leads constantly? 
  • increase your income?

But you are struggling with

  • the overwhelm of handling all the tech side yourself 
  • knowing where on earth to start 
  • never having enough hours in the day to do it all 
  • learning all the latest and greatest tools to make your life ‘easier’

What you get out of the Focused Funnel Package

  • a CUSTOMISED funnel strategy for your business 
  • a CUSTOMISED funnel set up for your lead generation strategy or 

latest online program or book launch (or whatever you want!) 

  • a CUSTOMISED Facebook Ads campaign set up for your funnel 
  • a CUSTOMISED email sequence setup for your funnel

The best part is, all of the tech and set-up is taken care of and managed to bring in more leads. 

Who is the Focused Funnel Implementation for?

The Busy Entrepreneur

You know who you are... there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done!

The Power Entrepreneur

Shiny objects keep getting in your way and you keep second-guessing what you should be focusing on.

The Tired Entrepreneur

The whole idea of creating a funnel is overwhelming and you've got no idea where to begin.

The ultimate done-for-you Package

This is a fully customised Funnel Package for YOUR BUSINESS with the goal of setting up the funnels required AND getting them going


Initial Strategy Session

We will work out what you are already doing and decide what is and isn't working

We will define what your goal is for the funnel

We will plan out a strategy and time frame for the funnel

We will determine the best platform to increase your audience


Funnel Creation

I will create each of the pages required for the funnel 

I will set up each of the email sequences needed

I will integrate webinars/online workshops and other mediums that are needed

I will integrate lead magnets

I will integrate the social media platforms needed


Facebook Ads

I will create a Facebook Ads strategy for the funnel

I will set up the campaigns required for the strategy

I will manage ads on weekly basis



I will monior the funnel and optimise where needed 

I will give you an update on what you can be doing to improve the funnel conversions in your social media posts + email marketing


Weekly small group Q&A sessions

You will have access to my library of resoures + tutorial videos

You will have access to my network of support services

What's NOT included:

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Ad spend
  • Video creation
  • Website build

This package is for you if...

  • You are pretty clear on your message and you are ready to take things seriously with your online marketing
  • You have tried setting up funnels yourself but they haven't converted that well
  • You have been throwing your marketing at the wall and seeing what sticks with no real strategy...yet
  • You have the budget to invest in a system that help you generate leads on a constant basis

This package is NOT for you if...

  • You are just starting out and are looking to boostrap it (perhaps my group program is for you)
  • You aren't very clear on your message just yet
  • You are still defining what your business is
  • You aren't ready to invest in your business just yet

Let’s be frank right from the get-go. Nicky Leonti’s impact on my personal brand and business over the past 100 days has been nothing short of remarkable. In that time I have delivered my first weekend live event in Byron Bay, setup a successful sales strategy culminating in over $40k in sales, redeveloped my, updated my existing online program – Exceptional Life Blueprint – created 5 more spin-off programs without having to lift a finger (Nicky’s brains were behind that one), and setup an online social media strategy. Sure, some of this MAY have occurred without Nicky, but quite possibly, NONE of it would have been successful. Nicky knows this industry back-to-front, her feedback is honest (code for if she doesn’t like it she’ll tell you), and her output is world-class. I will NEVER again spend precious business development dollars on “too good to be true” promises. Not when I know that people like Nicky live their inspiration and deliver incredible value in the process. If you need a strategic brain with a creative spirit, then Nicky’s your girl. The online marketing world needs more people like Nicky, so if you are lucky enough to work with her, count your blessings! I know I do!

Marcus Pearce

Nicky takes everything you know you should be doing, need to be doing and didn’t even know you needed to do and organises it for you in achievable goals. You feel like you’re getting somewhere all the time and all the “noise” seems to quieten as you focus task-by-task on what Nicky has set out for you to do. Nicky takes the time to learn your business BEFORE your sessions start so that you you are making the most of your time together from the get go. She has innovative ideas and a great understanding of business marketing strategies. She regularly checks in on your progress and keeps you motivated. What I loved most about our sessions together were: Personable approach. Genuine interest in your success. 24/7 support. Recorded meetings. Plenty of support. I would recommend her to EVERYONE!

Sonia Allen

So should we start building your funnel now? 

OR you can keep going on your own. 

What will it be?