{Part 5 of 6} Here’s a solution to LAUNCH STRESS

Woah. If you have been following along at home. I have been giving you some SERIOUS sales funnel strategy tips.

In fact. This is probably the most in depth series I’ve EVER written. What am I saying? It IS the most in depth series I’ve ever written.

So last time we left off with talking about your entire Sales Funnel set up. AND the 2 core Facebook Ads campaigns you need to run.

To catch up on these you can scroll right down and get the links to all parts of this series.

I gave you the first campaign and now I want to give you the second.

Remember that there is some set up involved. If you feel it’s over your head then keep reading as I’ll give you the chance to book in a quick free call with me.

Ok ok ok. You want to know what the second campaign is.

[drum roll]

2. The second campaign is your follow up campaign. Or retargeting campaign as it’s known in the biz.

This campaign is going to be sent to ALL of the people who opted in to your free thing.

They are the ones who joined your email list.

They are the ones who already know who you are. Chances are they like you a bit by now too. AND if your email sequence was good there is the high chance that they trust you a bit more too.

Ok. So the retargeting campaign…

There is a simple way to set up this retargeting ad. Ok it’s not as simple as it sounds. BUT it’s WORTH getting this right. Or getting someone to do it for you [cough cough. ME].


There is this cool thing called a Facebook Pixel. This is a simple tracking code that you put onto your website. You can find it in Facebook and you can either put it on yourself or get your web person to do it for you.

It’s important that it is set up to go onto the ‘Thank You’ page. This is the page that people go to after they have signed up to your list. I mentioned it in part #2. Go back and check it out if you need.

So what we are going to be doing with this campaign is sending ads directly to ALL people who have signed up to your email list.

You will need an image or video for this one too. It will be a little different. It will be promoting your product/service. It will be the offer that you mention in your email sequence.

TIP: when you first start, your initial audience might not be big enough. You will need to keep running your first campaign for a little while before you can create an audience big enough to retarget.

Ok. If this sounds like something YOU want to try but it’s a little over your head. Again, this is something that I can swoop in and set up for you.

If you want me to give you some great tips on this then fill out this form HERE and you will be guided to book a call with me.

Now once you have these 2 campaigns set up for your Sales Funnel you can use this to promote your free content and CLOSE the sales.

It can also be replicated in the form of a LIVE LAUNCH which I spoke about in part #3.

BUT if launching all the time makes you flare up in welts. Then lets go into something that is better for your sanity. It can also create some more consistency.

It’s going to an Evergreen model.

This means that your ‘launch system’ that we’ve been going through will be on a ‘set and forget’ type model.

Although you will be refining as you go, anyone can purchase at any time. They don’t have to wait until you are launching.

BUT in order to make that happen you really need to add the SECRET SAUCE.

Without this then there is the high chance the whole thing won’t work. Anyway, I’ll get to that in another post.

Get in touch to let me know how you are travelling! Just send me an email.



PS. This secret sauce is so good. In fact you could be using this strategy for your live launch, a standard funnel AND your evergreen plan.

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