Episode 93: Moving to a Co-Working Space

This week I’m talking about moving or my particular journey on moving into a co-working space as opposed to working from home.

I wanted to talk about this because it was a significant move for me. I’ve been working from home for give years and I had always pictured myself with this amazing laptop lifestyle, so you’ve probably heard that phrase used around, and the laptop lifestyle is to signify freedom and living your life on purposes with all these kinds of great things, right? But, what I found was yes, I was able to do what I love but I felt like I was doing it all of the time and there was never any break; there was no real definition between work and home, because with three young kids, I would be working during nap breaks or when there was a great show on the TV or really late at night or very early in the morning and I was just trying to take all these snippets of time to work and it just felt like I always had this to-do list and that I always felt like my mind was on work all of the time. Which is great when you do something that you love and yes that is great, but I wanted to have more quality time with my kids and I just found like that was just not happening. And also, more quality time with my husband because we both run a business and we were both feeling like this.

After five years, I really thought, you know what? Let’s do something about this and I started looking at co-working spaces.

What is a co-working space?

It is an office like an office area that has desks everywhere that you can hire just for a day or two days or a week or just have it full time, so it’s just your specific desk, rather than having to go and hire an entire office, you’re just hiring a desk in a co-working space.

I live on the Sunshine Coast, which is one of the most entrepreneurial areas I’m aware of in Queensland and there are so many of these co-working spaces available, so I started ringing around and doing a lot of research and trying to find out the right one for me.

What I wanted is to really bridge this other gap that my husband and I both faced and that was that we didn’t really talk to anyone else all day long. I mean, he’s in real estate and I’m in marketing and so we would talk to clients all the time, but it’s very different; it’s not people who are in the industry or other, just businesses that you’re not necessarily working with but just other adults to have a conversation with because if I wasn’t working, I was hanging out with my kids which is great, but I couldn’t ever really expand my network because I was at home so much of the time. And with young kids, I can’t really travel to get to a lot of events and things like that so that’s what we were really looking out of this co-working space: a place where we knew we could grow our network as well, so we were looking for a space that was relatively busy, that also had networking events for members and non-members and also had that kind of vibe or that design of the space so that people would come and talk to you and just generally have conversation.

I had a look at quite a few different spaces and the one that I just fell in love with as soon as I walked in was The Hive, which is in Maroochydore and, I mean, as you’re listening to this, this could have changed but what I want to tell you about what I loved about this space was the design of it. It has this beautiful big kitchen and bench space there that really does encourage conversation, so I’ve met people as I’m filling up for some water or having something to eat. It’s a beautiful kind of community space that they’ve created there which I love. The environment is beautiful and really well maintained, which was really looking for, and the clientele of the other people who are here, are really quite passionate about their businesses, but they’re also really fun people. Everyone I’ve spoken to, even when I just came to trial it and as I walk around, everyone is really easy to talk to and happy for a chat, say hello and all that kind of thing, so when you walk into a co-working space, you want to kind of identify what that immediate feeling is.

Do you feel like you could fit in here?

Does it seem like a place that you’d want to come and work from?

And for me and my husband as well, we both had lost a bit of motivation for business because we did feel like we were just at home all of the time. All of our day was spent at home and our evenings at home and so here, I get to come into an office and I love it: I’m excited to come in here and today I’m going to a networking event that’s being hosted here which is exciting, as well as the fact that we get to get out of our home, we get to be inspired by the other people around here, we get to do things that are really fun.

What I really love is that I have a clear division between work and home.

I am so focused when I’m here because I don’t have kids needing my attention, I don’t have the laundry calling my name all day, so when I’m here, I’m focused, I’m in work mode. And then when I go home, I’m in home mode. I have actually, in the whole week I’ve been here so far, I have not opened my laptop when I’m at home, which is such a big thing for me and I’m so glad that that is what I’ve been able to create and find in this space, so for me this has been such a bit step in being able to move my business forward and continue to create that lifestyle that I’ve been wanting.

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