Episode 94: My Signature Funnel System

Today, I’m talking about my signature funnel system.

This is the core message or the core structure of the funnels that I create for myself and for my clients. If you are driving or doing the washing, whatever you’re doing, you don’t have to take notes, you can go and check out the show notes and it will all be laid out in there, but today I really want you to understand about this signature system because when we have a system in place for you in all of your marketing efforts, online marketing efforts, you have an actual structure to duplicate every time you’re doing…you’re launching out a blogpost, you’re launching out a content piece or an online course or whatever it is that you’re doing, you’ll have a structure to duplicate and that’s what we really, really do want.

The first step of this system and that’s creating awareness.

You need to generate awareness of you, your brand and what problem you’re actually solving.  And so we can create awareness through a whole range of different things.  Blogging, podcasting, guest interviews, social media platforms, speaking events, networking events: there’s so many different ways you can do it.  And of course you can go print method as well; magazines or even television, so there’s a whole range of different ways that you can create awareness.

It’s important to have your message clear.

When you are creating awareness, you’re actually creating awareness just to those who are drawn to you and the problems that you solve for them. It is really key element in creating awareness is making sure that your message is right.

The second step is connection.

When you are doing Facebook ads, or you’re doing posting or you’re doing guest blogging, things like that, we want to make sure that your connect with your audience once they have become aware of you.

This is where I talk about an opt-in or some people call it a lead generation, a lead magnet.  This is something that you’re going to deliver for free and there’s a whole range of different ways that you can deliver content for free and this is really just securing the fact that they are aware of you, you’ve got your message clear and now you’re going ot connect with them, or they’re going to connect with you, via something that is free and of value for them.

It could be a checklist or a master class, a pdf, a webinar; it could be an audio, a video, whatever it is that you want to offer, that helps to really clarify what it is that, again, clarifying your message again, and clarifying how you can solve that problem so that this person, this particular audience member who wants to take that relationship that little bit further, sign up with you via email and they’ll get access to some free content that you have.

This depends on what level of content that you’re putting out there as to what you’re launching.  If it’s just a blogpost you might just have a checklist attached to that.  However, if you’re priming your audience for a bigger launch, you might have a video series or a mini-training.

It’s something that is free that allows people to identify or understand a little bit more about who you are and what you’re about and what problem you’re going to solve for them.

The third step is you want to nurture them.

How are you going to nurture your audience and help them learn all about you and how you can help them?  So, that second element of connection, they’ve signed up for this, the nurture element is how we take things further so that they understand who we are and what we’re about, and that is via email marketing. You have email sequences set up.  You can also do it through social media engagement, through Messenger systems or even have a particular ad set up to nurture your audience once they’ve hit a particular page on your website and we can also nurture them through our emails and sending them links to blogposts and videos that you’ve already created.  Again, identifying exactly how you can help them and solve their problem.

The final stage here is your offer.

Once they’re ready, what offer is the right one at that point in time?  If they’ve just signed up for a checklist of some sort, make sure that the offer is aligned directly with the whole process that you’ve set up there. If you’re talking about one element of your business in that blogpost and then that particular checklist, make sure that the offer is aligned and is a natural next step for that particular reader, that audience member.

Now, if they do not accept your offer, and they don’t buy whatever you’re offering there, they go back into the nurture sequence.  So, continue to nurture them, you don’t have to create a whole ‘nother one if you don’t want to, but they may just now be on your weekly email; they may now just be receiving your general posts on social  media and things like that.  And then when the time is right, again, there’ll be another offer.  So, that’s what you need to remember is just because they don’t buy straight away doesn’t mean you stop offering to them.  Again, they go back to the nurture sequences that you have set up and then there’s another offer, and they just keep going through that and eventually, they’ll buy from you if they feel like the message is aligned and that you are true to your word and they trust what you’re saying so there’s so many elements here that people miss out.  They offer, and then if people don’t purchase, then that’s the end of the story, so I don’t want to see that for you; I want to see that these people stay on your list and you continue to engage with them.


It can be as simple as just continue to email them every week with your weekly newsletter or email or whatever you send out every week and stay consistent with that message and then of course you can have your offers in those weekly emails as well and that will continue to show them that you are consistent and that you are around, OK, that is my signature system here, We want to always go with awareness, and then, how are people finding out about you; connection, so connecting with them through something for free; nurture them through email sequences and then have an offer and then if they don’t purchase, they go back to nurture and keep going through that system there.


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