Episode 99: Your simple guide to map out your WHOLE business

Todays segment is all about mapping out your business. The key to mapping out your business is identifying what your ideal customer journey looks like.
Once we know what your ideal customer journey looks like then we can break it down to work out the perfect products/services you can offer your clients.
When I do this task with my own clients I like to work from end goal, backwards. To work out what our end goal we need to be clear on why customers (or clients) are coming to us in the first place. What is the problem they have? What is the perfect solution? The end goal is the actual result we want our clients to achieve when they work with us or buy our products.
I want you to think about the results that you want for your customers. Lets give one of my clients as an example. I have a photographer as my client. The actual result her clients are looking for (and that she certainly achieves!) is to have the perfect branding images and videos for their business so that they feel really confident with putting themselves out there. This is the end result or final goal of the customer journey.
Now we work back to the start. Along that path for them to achieve confidence and alignment with their branding images and videos, they will encounter some obstacles. As we work through this customer journey I want you to keep in mind that this customer journey applies whether they work with you or someone else to help them solve their problem or achieve their result.
There can be many obstacles that your ideal customer would come across in their journey but lets just highlight 3 for today.
So we have the end result being complete confidence and alignment with their branding images and videos. Some obstacles that a customer would come across before getting to that point would be selecting branding colours, getting clear on their own ideal customer or working out what to wear.
These are 3 very clear obstacles that we know for sure the customer would go through or have been through. Now we have a pretty clear (but basic) idea of a customer journey. They go through some obstacles; selecting branding colours, getting clear on their own ideal customer and working out what to wear. Once they move through these (and I’m sure there are many other potential obstacles) they end up booking in the photoshoot and getting their incredible images to help them feel more confident in truly putting themselves out there.
You might be thinking, How does this help me map out my whole business?
If you do this task for your own business and spend some time highlighting at least 5-10 potential obstacles then you will be on your way to having some real clarity on how to serve your customer.
NOW, we take this customer journey and map out our business.
We know the final goal which would be your high end offering (product or service). This is the highest price point you would have to offer your clients. If you don’t have any lower level offerings then you could create a product or service around one of the obstacles you identified in the customer journey. These could be short courses, webinars, in person workshops or physical products. Whatever you want! As long as it is helping your customer through one or some of these obstacles.
The obstacles you identified also make for INCREDIBLE content for your website and social media. If there were some key obstacles that you could write an epic blog post about then this could be the starting point for your sales funnel to start generating traffic. I will link in the show notes of where to find other podcast episodes where I talk about epic blog posts and creating your sales funnel so that you can get started.
See how your customer journey can help you identify what topics to cover for content AND help you create the right offerings along the way to help your client achieve that end goal.
Now your actionable task for today is to map out your customer journey.
Before I finish I want to let you know that next week I will be releasing episode 100! This is a celebration episode where I will be covering the BEST tips I’ve shared over the last 100 episodes. You will love this. If you want a quick breakdown of the best online marketing strategies then this episode is not to be missed.
I hope you have an amazing week!
Every Wednesday I run a full tutorial on my Facebook page through a live video. This is based on the content shared here in the podcast. Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for past Facebook Live tutorials where I go deeper and share useful demonstrations on how to implement this into your business.

Actionable Task: Now your actionable task for today is to map out your customer journey.

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