Episode 85: How to Use Your Podcast In Your Sales Funnel with Petra Jones

Petra is the founder of I Am Mumpreneur Podcast along with a few other projects that she has worked on over the years. She has been an inspiration to many mums who are starting or growing their business and I’m excited to have her on today to share her story.


Hi! It’s Nicky Leonti and welcome to another episode of 5 minute online marketing podcast.

Today I have the beautiful Petra Jones here, she’s the founder of the I am Mumpreneur podcast along with the few other projects that she’s been working on over the years. She’s been an inspiration to many mums who are starting and growing their business and I am excited to have her on today to share her journey. Hello Petra!

Petra Jones
Hi Nicky! I’m super excited to be here, thank you for the lovely introduction. How are you?

Nicky Leonti
I’m great! Now we haven’t spoken for a while actually, we used to try and meet up as often as possible but with kids, it doesn’t always work out like that.

Petra Jones
Nope, never. That’s fine.

Nicky Leonti
I know that you’ve been on a bit of a family adventures as well?

Petra Jones
I have, I traveled for the past 5 weeks with my family, I’m originally from Czech Republic so I have european roots. It was wonderful to take my kids back home and see the culture where I came from. We also spend some time in France as well. It was wonderful, very tiring but also exciting and I’m glad to be back. I’m trying to focus again into what I love doing the most and that is, run my own business. I’m back but yeah! I’m still partially on my holidays.

Nicky Leonti
It’s hard to get back into it sometimes. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What you do and who are the types of women that are in your ever growing facebook group.

Petra Jones
Okay, Yeah sure. If your listeners recognise me, it would be from my podcast The Mompreneur show or through the community which is called I am mompreneur, which grew on the back of the podcast. I established my podcast two years ago, in fact 15th of July 2015, so it’s been a while and I am super proud of myself to still be here podcasting. It’s been 2 years, that’s a huge commitment to do it every single week, but the podcast, just to give you a quick background. The podcast actually started as a bit of personal project I think, because I was mom, I already had two of my children, I was a business owner, my daughter was born with my business.

I was running a business and at that time of starting my podcast, I really found myself being unhappy, being really stressed and really questioning whether I can actually have my own business and have the right balance between being a mom and being a business owner. Because I started my business hoping that I would have a lot of flexibility and what it ended up being was I would be working all the time. So I was unhappy, asking a lot of questions, around that time. I didn’t know it back then but I can reflect now on my journey and I think I was really craving change. I was craving to do something different and I had a lot of questions. When the topic of podcast came up, I felt really excited. It was something I haven’t experience for quite sometime? I had those feelings when I started my 1st business, but it was interesting, experiencing the same excitement. It was just like all I had to do was really try. If I can start something, challenge myself. But also I had this question that I was seeking answers for. So I thought, well I’m sure if I had those questions that perhaps there might be others as well, asking those question too. I thought it was doing something for myself while hopefully helping other moms like myself to progress with their business, just feel normal that what we are feeling is in fact completely natural process of being a business owner.

When I started the podcast in 2015 it was challenging because when I said to someone, I’ve got podcast quite often they would say to me, what is that? That was the challenge of podcast not being actually in the media that is known today. A lot of business owners starting business’s actually might be thinking of having a podcast as a part of their business plan. It was a little bit unknown, so I really did know, who I would truly attract to it even though it was very much targeted for only women like myself but I really did not know. There was no research, there was nothing that I could really look at to see if there was that interest from that audience. All I knew was that it was appealing to me, so I thought I would give it a go. After a short period of time, probably about 4 months. I realised that there in-fact where women listening. I guess part of the solution was to make sure that I was actually promoting my podcast on social media platforms because that’s where they were and quite often they didn’t know that there was such a great thing like podcast. They could listen while they were doing other things at home cleaning, filling up dishwashers and things like that, and cooking I used to cook while I listened to podcasts.

Very quickly became a rather popular source of inspiration and information for other moms in business. So those are my beginnings with the podcast.

Nicky Leonti
Excellent! So I know you said one of the big problems you had was people didn’t know what podcast where. I also struggled with that, not so much now it’s become a lot more common. So in terms of your posting sharing on social media, was there anything in particular you did that actually got the podcast a lot more traction?

Petra Jones
Yes! So definitely a lot of the things that I did in a first 6 months pretty much determined what I do today. I had a couple of strategies and I’d like to say that when I started my podcast, I also started with all the social media platforms and everything else. So I had zero followers on Instagram, on Facebook page so I started from scratch.. I had no email list. So I really was relying on a couple of things, one being that when you launched a podcast you get slotted in to new and noteworthy category on Itunes and I knew if I really promote the podcast enough and get people to start using, listening to my podcast through Itunes, I will get better ratings. So my strategy was, during the first 8 weeks to really hit strong that category and constantly rank high in that category. It’s a prime position on Itunes so I accomplished that very quickly and I believe that strongly contributed to my visibility and those initials signups and initial listeners. Then what I did was I focused on twitter. To be honest, I did not know really why I did that.

I think I just listen to couple of the big guns in podcasting like John-lee Dumas and Pat Flynn and I believe they had being talking about twitter in connection of promoting podcasts at the time. So I focused on that and that was wonderful it was actually getting traction, I was hearing back from my listeners which was wonderful but I didn’t like that platform because I felt like it was short lived and didn’t have that conversation aspect to it. So I started to think 4 months in. It was all great I was ranking really well, but once I dropped off the noteworthy, you get moved on Itunes into just generic group, business group or Korea group education group and will that means that you are in one big group with others, with all the big podcasters. I started to think, well do I try to drive a little traffic to Itunes to improve my ranking or do I focus on doing something like, drive everyone to my website where I felt it was easy if people click play and listen rather than try to get them to use Itunes. Which back then wasn’t really something that everyone was using. It was just for some it was a bit technical. People didn’t know exactly how to use stitcher and how to subscribe to Itunes. So I decided to ditch the ranking on Itunes and stop focusing on driving traffic to that platform and I thought I’ll sacrifice the ranking there and I’ll focused on doing things where I’ll make it easy for people to use the media, just the player and listen to my podcast interviews! And wow! I’m driving them to my website.

Obviously i will grown my email by optimizing my website. So that was one strategy that I decide and some people might not agree with that, you know? I think I’m glad that I did it and I’ll continue to do that to this day. The other things that I’ve done was start an Instagram account. Only in 2016 which I had no Idea about at all. I’ve never used Instagram so I was a bit puzzled what I was going to do with it. But I started, I thought I would focused on it because a lot of my ideal audience was mom’s with online businesses and are using Instagram so it was an absolutely no-brainer. I established my presence and visibility on that platform and I started also a Facebook group. Simply because I felt that it was the most used platform the easiest platform for moms to use, it was just a great platform to create conversation and get to know my listeners more on that personal level. So those are the early strategies that I decided to implement.

Nicky Leonti
Oh wow, I think people do have that fear if they have been thinking of starting a podcast to think how on earth do i get it out there, especially now when there is a lot of competition. But I love your strategy especially the new and note worthy phase, really something you have to take advantage the best 8 weeks because it will never happen again like you’ll not going to get that opportunity again. And then moving to your website.

So with you group now, because I know your group has gotten quite big… What is your goal for you group and how does that kind of contribute to your business?

Petra Jones
So I’m really glad that you asked what is my goal because I think a lot of Facebook group owners actually forget to have a goal with their Facebook group. I’ll be completely honest with you when I started I didn’t have a very clear goal with my group. I actually experience a Facebook group burn out because of that particular issue. I wasn’t focused enough. It was the end of last year I realised that I was struggling personally with leading the group. I felt there were certain things happening in the group that I didn’t like so I made some mistake. I think that anyone who starts a Facebook group should hope that some of the members will eventually become your customers in the future. I don’t like to sell directly in my Facebook group it’s not something I’m comfortable and I don’t want my community to be established for that or be functioning for that. What I like to do is to offer my services to my email list. So I’ve come up with couple of settled ways to entice members to join me in my email list. Outside of the Facebook group it’s up to them to choose whether they want to do that or not, but a lot of them do. So it’s been a really great way for me to sell my service to the members without disrupting the feel of that community I guess.

Nicky Leonti
Yeah! That’s brilliant. I think that facebook groups, especially as they do get bigger, can become really difficult to manage, take a lot of resources and it is a reflection of you and your business, you don’t want to be over run I guess by some of the members who take advantage of the audience. That’s the trick you want and I love those particular facebook group that I’m apart of that really add value to my life. There is potential in a facebook group so I’m glad that you’ve got your goal now really clear, that’s really good. Before you finish up I did want to ask you and you have mentioned this throughout the episode, but what are your top 3 tips you will give to people who are in their early stages of business and building their platform.

Petra Jones
Okay so,
My Tip #1… As someone who build the community around by podcast or have to mentioned that actually creating community around your business is a really, really important step. Especially if you are thinking about having a podcast or just started your podcast. Don’t be afraid to go that way and create community that ties into your business.

My tip #2… Grow an email list with your community because I think, like me you are planning to sell to the members of your community, it’s a great way. It’s a great chance to do it outside of the community.

My Tip #3… Optimise your website, no matter how you focused on what you do whether you focused on driving a lot of content in social media or using your facebook group to add value. If you drive a lot of traffic to your website and it’s not optimised to collect those emails then you are completely wasting your time. Make sure, you make it easy for people to leave those details for you. So those are my 3 top tips.

Nicky Leonti
Thank you so much for joining me today. Will have to have you back on again because I’m looking forward to seeing what you gonna create over the next year. So that would be exciting. So thank you so much and we will definitely be chatting again really soon!

Most important part, I am gonna put all of the notes in the show notes, but can you let people listening know exactly where to find you.

Petra Jones
Sure! So you can either join my community on Facebook, just simply searching for I am mompreneur or our website is

Nicky Leonti
Easy, excellent thank you so much! Will talk to you later.

Petra Jones
My absolute pleasure thanks Nicky. Bye!


What are your top 3 tips that you would give for people in their early stages of business and platform building?

  1. Build a community around your business (Facebook Group)
  2. Grow an email list with your community
  3. Optimise your website for your business goals

Where to find Petra Jones:

Facebook:  @iammumpreneur
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