Are You Wasting Money On Facebook Doing This?


I want to start by saying that I LOVE Facebook. I love its capabilities to connect with your audience, to test out different products you want to bring to the market, learnt more about what people want and to sell your products and services.

BUT… you can waste serious amounts of money on Facebook if you dont do this simple thing FIRST.

You absolutely MUST have a sales funnel set up BEFORE you start spending money on Facebook ads.

What the heck is a Sales Funnel?

In its simplest form it looks like this…

wasting money on facebook

At the top of the funnel we have our premium product or service and this could be 1:1 consulting, coaching or a high priced product.

Now if we skip to the bottom level of the funnel we have a FREE optin. This is super important in order to get people into our sales funnel, nurture them, get them to understand what we are about and if we are able to help them with their problem. This FREE optin MUST be completely aligned with your premium product or service.

The 2 levels in between will be based on value and price but their purpose is to encourage our customer to start making some financial commitment with us, get to know us even better with the intention of them purchasing our premium product or service in the near (or distant) future.

Lets go through an example:

My FREE optin is the Online Marketing Blueprint. This is a 4 part video training (although will be changing soon!) and it gives people great value, it helps them connect with me and understand who I am. This can also help them determine if I am the right person they are looking for to help them with their marketing.

My Level 1 Offering will shortly be my ’21 Days to Start Online’ online course. This is at a relatively low price point and will continue to help my customer solve the problem they came to me for (getting started with their online marketing for their business).

My Level 2 Offering will shortly be a range of further 21 Day courses based on Social Media, Facebook Ads and a range of other topics that my audience needs support with. This will be a slightly higher price.

For my customers who want even more support and more personalised feedback then they would move into my 1:1 consulting which is my premium priced service along with building websites and membership sites.

Now, some people find out about me and go straight to 1:1 consulting which is fine. Some people only ever go to Level 1 offerings and this is also fine. The purpose of the funnel is to support your customer at all stages of the funnel, continue to build the relationship with them and solve their problems.

In order to get people into your sales funnel you send them to your optin page by promoting it using Facebook ads, other social media platforms, email marketing, and through your blog.

Are you wasting money on Facebook ads?

Then you are probably spending money promoting your premium offering or a high level offering to people who dont even know who you are yet. 

When you set up your sales funnel then you can spending your marketing dollars to get people to optin to your FREE optin. It’s much easier to ask for an email address from people who dont know you than to ask for money from people who dont know you!

Once you have their email address then you can set up automated emails to focus on building that relationship with your new customer (yes they are already a customer even if they haven’t spent any money with you!).

So when you set up your Facebook ads you want to link them to a new optin page for your FREE optin gift. Set this up as a sales page to tell people about why they would optin to your free gift. You can check out my optin page HERE>>>

ACTION STEP: map out your own sales funnel using the template above. Work out what your premium offering is first and then work your way down. If you need more guidance then check out my Online Marketing Blueprint which has 4 videos that shows you how to do it all. 

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