Do you feel like you are wasting too much time AND money chasing shiny objects when it comes to online marketing?

Do you sign up to online courses to feel a lack of personalised support to grow your business online?

Do you feel like you are wasting money doing Facebook ads without any real return?

Do you wish you had some sort of strategy to really utilise your website AND social media?


What if I told you that you need to take 10 steps back from your business and look at the bigger picture? Some clients tell me that they aren’t making enough money to take 10 steps back! If you don’t look at the bigger picture then you will continue to grasp at any ideas that you scroll pass on social media.

What do you want to do with your business online?

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Nicky takes everything you know you should be doing, need to be doing and didn’t even know you needed to do and organises it for you in achievable goals.  You feel like you’re getting somewhere all the time and all the “noise” seems to quieten as you focus task-by-task on what Nicky has set out for you to do. 

Nicky takes the time to learn your business BEFORE your sessions start so that you you are making the most of your time together from the get go.  She has innovative ideas and a great understanding of business marketing strategies.   She regularly checks in on your progress and keeps you motivated.

What I loved most about our sessions together were: Personable approach.  Genuine interest in your success. 24/7 support.   Recorded meetings.  Plenty of support.

I would recommend her to EVERYONE!

Sonia Allen

Let’s be frank right from the get-go. Nicky Leonti’s impact on my personal brand and business over the past 100 days has been nothing short of remarkable. In that time I have delivered my first weekend live event in Byron Bay, setup a successful sales strategy culminating in over $40k in sales, redeveloped my, updated my existing online program – Exceptional Life Blueprint – created 5 more spin-off programs without having to lift a finger (Nicky’s brains were behind that one), and setup an online social media strategy. 

Sure, some of this MAY have occurred without Nicky, but quite possibly, NONE of it would have been successful. Nicky knows this industry back-to-front, her feedback is honest (code for if she doesn’t like it she’ll tell you), and her output is world-class. I will NEVER again spend precious business development dollars on “too good to be true” promises. Not when I know that people like Nicky live their inspiration and deliver incredible value in the process. 
If you need a strategic brain with a creative spirit, then Nicky’s your girl. The online marketing world needs more people like Nicky, so if you are lucky enough to work with her, count your blessings! I know I do!
Marcus Pearce